The Ultimate Guide To Creating Balance

What is Balanced Living?

I often use this in my hashtags and advocate for a balanced lifestyle, but what is it – the balanced living? And how does one go about achieving it?

In simple terms, creating a balanced lifestyle is the conscious choice to counteract the stress and negativity in our lives, as well as other harmful factors. For example, it is a conscious choice to practice a positive attitude to counteract the stress and engaging in activities that bring the feeling of content and happiness. It is a conscious choice to lead a more active lifestyle to combat the sedentary day job you may have. It is a conscious choice to make healthy, nutritious foods the staple of your diet but not forgetting to treat yourself every once in a while – because it nurtures the feeling of balance too.

Should You Eat Organic?

Organic food was something relatively unheard of up until the last decade. And then the markets suddenly filled up with expensive organic produce now sitting on the shelves right next to their normal, cheaper peers, and harassing people as they questioned, unaware of what organic was, why should they pay Read more…

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