I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a

3-Day Summer Prep Detox Marathon

to help you get ready for summer!


This winter has been going on for too long and spring has been barely noticeable. We’re all tired, deprived of juicy vitamins and longing for those warm and sunny days when we could take a leisurely stroll in the park or go to a local beach.

Wait! Are we ready for the beach yet?

After the long cold months, we’re almost certainly pale and lifeless. While some colour could be corrected by a suntan (or a fake tan), you can’t fake that natural glow, can you?

And that is exactly why I am hosting the Summer Prep Detox for the first 3 days of June!

If you wonder if the Summer Prep Detox Marathon is for You, then answer the following questions:


Do you feel tired after a long cold winter and mediocre spring?

Do you feel like you’re not yet summer and beach-ready?

Are you stuck in the cycle of bad eating habits?

Would you like to feel lighter and more radiant for summer?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then sign up for our FREE 3-Day Summer Prep Detox Marathon!


What is The Summer Prep Detox?

Your Wellness Recipe’s Summer Prep is a 3-Day detox meal plan designed to nourish your body with the freshest summery goodness to help you restart your digestion and metabolism, break free from your current eating habits and give your body the nutrients it has been lacking for months. It will also help you feel lighter and full of energy, while eating whenever you want – it’s a 100% NO HUNGER guarantee. What I do guarantee, though, is that you will love it and your skin will love it too! So sign up now to get glowing this summer!


The Summer Prep Detox key points:

  • Absolutely FREE
  • Lasts only 3-days (although you can adopt the style for longer)
  • Completely natural, nutritious and DELICIOUS
  • Gently supports the body’s natural detox processes
  • Easy on digestion and gives your body the energy for other activities
  • Nourishes all the cells in your body – your skin will thank you
  • 100% No Hunger guarantee – eating IS ALLOWED

But before you sign up, please read what this Summer Prep Detox Marathon is not:

  • It is not a diet – it is merely a chance for your body to take a break from heavy, unhealthy foods and a chance to re-load with vitamins and minerals
  • It is not about restricting foods and being hungry. You can eat, and I will talk about it in the guidelines.
  • It is not for weight loss – though some weight loss is very likely to occur as your body gets rid of the previously stored waste. Nonetheless, I cannot guarantee you that you will lose X kg/lb. It is not ethical and very unprofessional to make such claims because each individual is unique and weight loss tightly depends on the unique abilities of one’s body.

What will you get?

Upon signing up you will receive a Welcome email.

On May 27, you will receive your e-book with:

  • Full 3 day meal plan that is colourful and not boring
  • Shopping list
  • Guidelines on how to start your day, how to snack between your meals and what to do when the Summer Prep is over.


We start June 1, 2018

>>Pre-Register Now<<

To get your ebook on MAY 27th.

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