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My name is Lana.

I am a certified nutritional therapist, also qualified in several other fields of nutrition, such as:

  • Personal Nutrition
  • Prenatal Nutrition
  • Child Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition

In addition, I have studied phytotherapy and herbal medicine, as well as mental health studies and life coaching, so my interest doesn’t stop at nutrition. 

I am passionate about living a balanced lifestyle, not a restrictive ‘clean-foods-and-gym-only’ lifestyle. I have once done it, when I just embarked on a healthy living journey. I experimented with my diet a lot, I lived for the gym, I’ve made mistakes. And by the mistakes I learned that a healthy body is so much more than just nutrition (a.k.a ‘clean eating’) and exercise. And nutrition and exercise are so much more than just that. Your mind matters just as much. So my new motto is:

If it doesn't make you feel good - It's not worth it.

By that I am not saying that you can eat junk and do nothing just because it feels good. First of all, because it doesn’t. Second, I wouldn’t be a nutritional therapist if I believed that we could get away with eating junk.

My belief is that if you nourish your body with good food at least 80% of the time, the other 20% do not really count. I have at least 2 reasons to believe that:

  1. Our bodies are smart and can deal with not-so-good stuff if given an opportunity to heal and the bad food is not prevalent.
  2. Not-so-good-for-us foods can sometimes have a good effect on our mind, likewise sticking to a very strict healthy diet may pose problems for your psychological health (and sometimes physical).

I also do not believe in sticking to particular practices that are meant to be good for us if they do not feel right. Yoga can be the best thing for one, but you could be different and not feel good doing it. In saying that, I still encourage you to try – it could be your thing.

We are all very different and even unique, so only you can find what truly is good for you and you can only do that by trying different things. My goal here at Your Wellness Recipe is to provide you with ideas and information. It’s up to you to choose what you want to try.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

Lana x

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