I love bucket lists. In my opinion and experience, they help me to focus and live with the seasons. But my idea of a bucket list is probably very different from many others.

Too often, when we compile bucket lists or checklists for holidays, whether on home land or abroad, we treat them as quick to-do lists. We want to tick off as many boxes as possible in as little time as possible, squeeze it all in. Does this sound familiar?

What I suggest instead is using the bucket list as a guide of intentions. We intend to experience different summer-related activities that allow us to really feel the season and enjoy it to the fullest. The bucket list does not mean that we have to tick off all the activities by the end of summer. Neither does it mean we should rush through them. 

I am simply providing you with a list of ideas how to enjoy this summer, slowly and mindfully. You can choose as many or as few as you wish, but remember that the goal is to slow down and experience it rather than rush from one thing to the next in order to complete the list. 

Here is a different twist to challenge you: you can only tick off the activity once you feel that it truly allowed you to slow down and enjoy your life. Let’s go!

Below you can find my Slow Summer Bucket List. Save it or print it and get living the summer mindfully!

Always yours

Lana x


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