Hands down, the best days off are midweek! Just think about it. We often try to match our days off with the partner’s, family’s, school holidays, etc. While it is great to enjoy the time off work together and do something with your family, you need days off just for yourself too. You need days off from your routine and from people, no matter how much you love them.

So how do you go about having a perfect day off? Easy with these 8 simple steps.

8 Simple Steps for the Best Day Off

1. Midweek day off

Book a day off during the week so there is no one in the house, or at least so they are immersed in their work. If you have kids, do it when they are in school/childcare.

2. Stay away from the chores

If you need to, you can prep the meal, clean your house, etc., in the days coming up to your day off. Doing a little bit every day will do, you don’t have to it all at once. Just make sure you don’t leave any household chores for your day off, unless you absolutely enjoy doing them. If a day spent cleaning your house is a way of release for you, then by all means knock yourself out! If cooking a meal is your best day off, sure. But if these actually feel like chores, stay away from them as much as possible on your day off.

3. Start your day right

On your day off, there is nothing more important than starting it right. Make sure you are not in any rush, take your time and enjoy your morning. Start it with a gentle stretch, followed by your favourite cup of tea or coffee and a healthy breakfast.

4. Go for a morning walk

Weather permitting, get out of the house and go for a walk. Even if you’re in a lockdown like we are now, you still should be able to go for a walk in your neighbourhood. Forget the music, phone, anything that can distract you. Just take in the scenery, breathe in that air, soak in the light.

If you live in a city centre, it is still worth getting out. Stop by a coffee shop and get a take-out cup of coffee (better in a reusable mug!), or buy some fresh buns or croissants that you can bring home with you and have a yummy brunch. Pay attention to things around you, you may see something that you have never noticed before in a rush!

5. Feed productivity and inspiration to your brain

Instead of scrolling aimlessly through Instagram or watching soap on TV, spend some quality time reading a book or studying something new. There are plenty of short video courses online, some even free, that can teach you some new skills. Maybe there is something you thought interesting but never had time to do it? Do it now. Pick up a music lesson, a creative writing lesson, photography class or a mindfulness course – anything that inspires you and makes you come alive.


6. Focus on light and healthy meals

As I mentioned before, it’s best to avoid cooking unless it’s something you really enjoy doing. When you are at home, you can whip up a healthy meal without any effort if you just think outside the box. To make a healthy meal, you don’t necessarily need to cook. It could be something as simple as a smoothie bowl, a salad, a sandwich or a wrap with beans and fresh veg. But regardless whether you spent time cooking the night before or decided to whip something up on the day, try to stay away from junk. You will feel much better about your day off afterwards if you choose to focus on something healthy and light.

7. Pamper and wind down

Whichever way you decide to spend the day, allow yourself some pampering and quiet time closer towards the evening. Take a bubble bath, take proper care of your skin and hair, do some yoga, enjoy more reading, write in a journal or meditate – anything that would help you relax your body and mind.

8. Call it an early night

Although you may want to make the most of your day off and use as much time as possible, do try retiring to bed early. Days off are meant to help us restore and relax, and the best way to ruin that experience is by going to bed late and waking up tired and grumpy the next morning. Preserve the most of what you have achieved, have an early night, get a good sleep and you will be glowing the next morning.

Hope this helps you to enjoy your next day off!

Lana xx


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