I cannot believe it! Your Wellness Recipe has just turned One!

A year ago today Your Wellness Recipe saw the light for the first time! On a St. Valentine’s Day! Isn’t it true love?

It seems that only yesterday I was typing in my very first post on this blog, and the sleepless nights when I’d been thinking hard of what to name my new blog are still so fresh in my memory.

How many options did I have! How many names! And none of them seemed right, they didn’t sound the way I wanted and didn’t reflect my ideas and feelings about my future blog. And then it came to me one day and started to grow on me… Your Wellness Recipe

What’s in the name?

The idea behind

It might be confusing that my blog is called Your Wellness Recipe, and yet there are so few actual culinary recipes. I am a fan of clean, nutritious meals, but this has never been my priority for blogging. I started my first blog Wellnessista (in the beginning also known as a tasteless LanaFit) wanting to document my journey into wellness. Back then it meant excessive exercise and restrictive dieting. It took me years to learn that it wasn’t a true representation of wellness.

It is easy to say that wellness is about balance. But what is balance? Exercising but without obsession? Dieting, but letting yourself slip sometimes too? In theory it’s good, all great. But over time it dawned on me that I can be this “image of health” with my exercise and diet, but without friends, without work, without attention to how I feel deep inside, I am still not well. It’s only the shell of me that looks like I’ve got it all together.

Over time I also realized that having great social life, having a goal in life, projects to work on, and focusing on how I feel but without making myself move more and eat better, also didn’t feel fully right. This sparked my interest and I started researching what wellness consisted of, which finally led me to this idea and thus, the name.

Your Wellness Recipe

Wellness is way, way more than exercise and nutrition. It is way more than letting yourself enjoy all the pleasures in the world, although enjoyment is a crucial part. It is way more than having a perfect relationship and way more than having the most fulfilling job in the world. Wellness is all of these.

But because we are all unique human beings, struggling through our own unique life settings, our needs and requirements will differ. Hence each of us will have sooner or later to discover and create our own recipe for wellness. And I wanted to promote this idea. I wanted to carry this message to so many people constantly searching for a magical solution to their wellness struggles. I wanted to tell them that they were not going to find the solution by following one practice to a T, or another – it takes truly listening to your heart and tending to your needs.

This is what Your Wellness Recipe is about.

Future Plans

I love drawing conclusions and making plans for the future. So what are my plans for Your Wellness Recipe?

  1. To keep it going.
  2. To explore Minimalism and Green Living.
  3. To explore more Movement and Easy, Healthy recipes that will help you stay physically well.
  4. To start coaching.

As some of you may know, I am in the process of getting my Life Coach certification, and the reason for this is because I believe so much in this all-round wellness approach as opposed to focusing on one aspect of it, that I would love to start helping people to find their balance, their centre of gravity. I believe I can. And I hope that some time soon I will be able to offer these coaching sessions.

Do you think you would be interested? Drop me a message here, shoot an email or contact me on my Instagram page to show your interest and support!

And as for now, it is time to say BIG THANK YOU for being here with me and YWR!

I hope you stay for more.

But if you must go, at least stay with me for one more moment to say with me:

Happy Birthday Your Wellness Recipe!

Real thank you for being here with me and for being awesome!


Take care now!

Lana from YWR



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