Father’s Day 2018 is fast approaching and the questions of what to gift become more and more popular. It’s not an easy task to find a gift that would be useful and enjoyable. There are many lists of gift ideas out there to help you out, but I decided I will share my own ideas of wellness-related gifts for Father’s Day. Because we do want them to be well and healthy, right? Let’s revolutionize the Father’s Day!


Wellness Gifts for Father’s Day

There are probably tons of things you could get your father or the father of your children for the Father’s Day. Among the popular gift ideas you could find bottle openers, personalized beer glasses and coasters, beer brewing kits and generally all things beer. You could also find the comic books, movies, sports games DVDs and other stuff encouraging the men to sit and drink. But is it what we ultimately want them to do?

I refuse to settle for anything like that. My idea of a present would be something useful, either in everyday life or useful for the health and well-being of your man. This is why I decided to come up with a list of gift ideas that are wellness-related and should boost their physical activity, improve well-being and motivate them to look after themselves.

Let’s begin!

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Gym Membership

Well, this one is kind of an obvious one. But if you want them to get off the couch and start doing something, get them a 1 month or 3 months membership in a good local gym or swimming pool. I don’t suggest getting a 1 year membership straight away if you don’t know for sure that it will be used (provided it is within your budget, cause those memberships are not exactly cheap).


Golf Experience

fathers-day-wellness-giftsI think it is almost every man’s dream, especially when they are over a certain age, to try playing golf. Club memberships can be very expensive, but websites like Groupon or LivingSocial regularly offer discounted memberships and experiences. Why not give your dad (or husband) an opportunity to have that dream of theirs and step out on the spotless green lawn with a new shiny set of golf clubs?


FitBit Versa Smart Watch

Fitbit is the smartwatch that would motivate anyone (and I repeat it: ANYONE) to stay active. The simplest Fitbit bands merely count your steps and calories burned, which you can then see on your phone app, and it’s amazing at making you compete against yourself. But Fitbit Versa smartwatch is the ultimate tool to bring your man to his best state. They will have their time, steps, burnt calories, heartbeat, notifications and tasks, and even on-screen workouts right at their wrist!



Some men love to cook. If your father or the father of your children love cooking, then a cookbook might be just perfect for a gift! My tip is to choose a cookbook written by another man. One of my favourite books is The Happy Pear’s Recipes For Happiness book. It is their new book, and if you haven’t heard about them yet, these guys are absolutely amazing. I’ve been to their café in Greystones a few times and I always want to come back.

If your man is a meat eater, then I could recommend Donal Skehan’s Eat. Live. Go. Fresh Food Fast. Jamie Oliver is also always a hit among people.


Home Workout Books and Equipment

If your dad or husband would prefer to work out at their own pace at home rather than go to the gym, there are plenty of things you can gift them to encourage them to start. Push, pull, swing is a Men’s Health mag’s ultimate guide to muscle building and fat-torching that contains full body workouts utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells and a sandbag. I have yet to encounter even one bad review about this book. Everyone who tried it knows that it’s great.


Magnetic Bracelet for Arthritis

If your dad suffers from arthritis pain, carpal tunnel or rheumatism, then a magnetic bracelet could be a good and useful gift. Magnetic therapy appears to be able to ease the pain from these conditions, some even say it helps them with anxiety. Apart from the therapeutic side, these bracelets just look smart on the wrist.

Please note that it can’t be used by people who have pacemakers, insulin pumps or any other implanted electro-medical devices.


S’Well Water Bottle

It is summer and the weather can get pretty hot. In such a weather it is extremely important to stay well hydrated, especially when physically active. S’well water bottles are a stylish way for your father to have water by his side at all times. Who would mind such a gift?




Whatever you choose to get your father for the Father’s Day, it is your attention that matters the most. There’s nothing as sacred as a loving touch and smile on a special day.


Keep them well and happy!

Lana x

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Kirsten Brusse · June 6, 2018 at 5:44 PM

These are such good ideas….I always like giving thougt
hful presents.

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