Hello to My Future Readers!

I have been blogging for quite a while on my other websites, but to this day I have never realized how hard it is to write the first post on a new blog. I have so many topics that I want to explore, all written neatly in my notebook and yet to choose one topic over another to become the first seems so wrong. How does one choose a topic for the first post? Should I write about a varied diet, because nutrition is my key area? Or should I write about the ways to improve one’s sleep? Because it’s almost midnight here and I am still up, finding my bliss in the quiet moment when the children are asleep. Or maybe it should be about what to do when you’re stressed out? Believe me, I do get stressed out a lot! Even though I possibly know every existing way to relieve stress, I am still a human (with 2 very demanding little humans) and I am not immune to everyday stress. Anyway, all of these didn’t sound good enough, so I decided to break [my own] ice with another sort of welcome and introduction.

a word about my blog

I have written a formal introduction on the About page here. There is also a separate post on Your Personal Wellness here. And further on this blog I am going to write about all things possible that may help you to improve your quality of life and achieve your personal wellness, from nutrition and healthy recipes to exercises, to psychology and other things concerning well-being. I hope you enjoy this ride together with me!

a word About me

And now, for those who don’t know me, my name is Lana.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, to whom I owe for introducing me into the world of fitness and more conscious eating and living. Without him, I wouldn’t have been here now. I am also a mom of two little cookie monsters who drain my energy every single day, but I love them so much and wouldn’t trade this for the world. I am not much of a housewife, but I get my homemaking and cooking spells.

I am a naturally curious person, interested in many different things from nutrition, psychology and medicine to photography and art. Inside my soul I am a writer, I have been writing stories since I have learned to write. I love yoga and weight lifting, herbal teas and coffee (I could probably write a book ‘Confessions of a Coffeeholic’), foreign languages, traveling and all about design, from interior to printed press. I can never choose between the mountains and the ocean – can’t I have both? I am a person of extremes – I’d love to live in a flat in a bustling city or in a wooden cottage in a forest, far away from the noise and never-ending hassle.

I highly value continuous self-development – a person must stay curious and eager to learn more and ready to question their own beliefs in order to find the truth. In people I value honesty and respect for other people’s choices. I try to live more consciously and minimize my ecological footprint, as well as minimize my home and belongings. I believe in living ‘with nature’ and treasuring what we’re given without abusing it.

I’d love to know more about you and how I can help you to find your own sense of well-being, so don’t forget to leave comments below. I’ll talk to you very soon in my real first post. I wonder, what is it going to be?

Take care.

Lana x

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